The Wild Muntrie

The Wild Muntrie – 2016 vintage


our unique hand-painted labels

A special limited release tart, wild fermentation ale, flavoured and fermented with wild muntrie berries – 6% a/v. Unique hand painted labels on hand made paper.

This is the first vintage of our annual wild muntrie berry ale, made with the locally native wild muntrie berry and bottled in 750ml champagne-style bottles. It is a refreshingly tart ale with a pinkish cloudy colour. Perfect as an aperitif or pro-biotic refreshment, goes well with light seafood meals and is amazing with a rich home-made apple crumble.


Spicy apple flavoured muntrie berries are native only to coastal areas of South Eastern South Australia and small parts of Western Victoria.

For several years we have enjoyed foraging for muntries in the coastal scrub around Robe, usually eating them raw, adding them to pastries, or preserving them in a jam. This year our 20 litres of muntrie berries, also sometimes known as apple berries or emu apples, was added to a caramel malt beer of mixed fermentation – using propagated brewers yeast,  wild airborne yeasts and bacteria that live on the malted barley we use.



This first vintage only produced 207 champagne-style 750ml bottles. We have created unique hand-painted labels made on hand-made recycled paper – we made the paper, and every label has been uniquely painted and illustrated for limited release at Robe Town Brewery and a couple of select bottle shops and bars in Adelaide and Melbourne.


labelling The Wild Muntrie