The Moon Hop

Extra Pale Ale

Big fruity hop aromas, sweet barley malt, fruity yeast, peppered with sprigs of wild, local melaleuca – 6.1% a/v approx.

A big pale ale in a big bottle. Full of flavour from the malt, yeast and lots of dry-hopping. Full-bodied with a sweeter edge, this very drinkable hoppy ale is flavoured with various hops (depending on availability) that bring distinct tropical fruit aromas. The combination of the hop resins and gentle additions of melalueca often give it a pineapple aroma and taste. Moon Hop is usually a relatively cloudy affair, which further enhances those beautiful floral hop aromas, and the subtle fruity yeast flavours.

One of our newest beers and the first to be distinctly so up-front with the hop aromas. Though we consider this one hoppy, it does not have much of a bitter edge at all, making it dangerously easy to drink.

Moon Hop is flavoured mostly with Vic Secret hops (depending on availability), as well as in combination with Ella and Cascade, so variation in the aromas can be expected from batch to batch.


We are currently selling the freshest and third batch of Moon Hop in Robe, some of which is heading soon to Adelaide. The first 150 cases of Moon Hop were all sold in Robe at the brewery during January/February 2017, quickly becoming one of our best sellers.