The Hidden Hive


Australian Wild Ale series

Honey, Oats, Barley, wild fermentation, flavoured with wild honeycomb – 7.6% a/v

A very limited release, big honey ale made with lots of raw, local honey, toasted oats, malted barley, wild fermentation in a wine barrel and a tincture of wild beeswax, gathered from a wild hive in the bush near Robe. Warmed with the 7.6% alcohol content, this sparkling ale finishes with a drier, brut-like flavour, still holding just enough residual sweetness and body to keep you going in for more.

Only 450 bottles of this precious nectar were made in mid 2016. After seven months of careful maturing in the bottle, we released The Hidden Hive in late February 2017. It should continue to develop and mature in the bottle for a couple more years to come.

The Hidden Hive is a one-off collaboration brew by brewers Maris at Robe Town Brewery and Tom O’Reilly of Sunlight Liquor.

currently available only at: Robe Town Brewery (Robe), Belair Fine Wine (Belair), Melbourne Street Cellars (North Adelaide) and Sturt St. Cellars (Adelaide).