IMG_3192Our unique brewery embraces a simple and honest approach to brewing flavourful ales and beverages. The hand-made and cobbled brewhouse incorporates several historical and traditional brewing methods, recreating the kind of conditions in which ale and beer has been made for millennia: timber mash tuns with straw filtration for extracting sweet wort from malt; a wood-fired kettle for heating water and boiling/hopping the wort; open fermentation in a shallow, square tank; natural carbonation from secondary fermentation inside bottles or kegs.

IMG_3360We are a small and independent family-run brewery, located in Robe, South Australia on Australia’s beautiful Limestone Coast.

The Robe Town Brewery Cellar Door is open most days 12pm-5pm or by appointment, with tastings and tours of the brewery welcomed. Find us at the Robe junction of the Southern Ports Highway, 97 Millicent Road, Robe, SA, 5276. Phone: 0415 993 693

Our range of ales is available at all licensed premises in Robe, as well as several restaurants, cafes and hotels throughout the Limestone Coast region of South Australia. Together with distribution partners we also supply outlets across Adelaide and Melbourne (see our list of stockists).


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello im James.
    I recently called you on the 7th of January asking weather you distribute your beer outside of Robe !
    As we were talking you said you could possibly send me some Delicious Robe town beer some time thru February, this is the follow up email from our call.
    Im from Melbourne and I make my own beer in house and I have been in search of a really nice pale ale since I have been brewing and lucky me I found it.
    I am also interested in the way you make your beer as I would like to try to make something similar with the facilities ( kitchen ) I have ha ha.
    Email me back some time as I would love to chat more about your beer and what else you have on offer that I didn’t get to try, and also work out when I can buy some more of that lovely beer of yours.

    Kind Regards
    James Clarke


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